ANAHEIM : Building Ban Near Disneyland May End

A building ban on properties around Disneyland may be lifted for 11 development projects that were under way before the ban was imposed but extended 90 days for all other proposals.

The initial 45-day moratorium on the city’s so-called commercial recreation area was enacted May 1 and will end next week, when the City Council will decide whether it should be extended or amended.

City planners have recommended that the council continue the ban for 90 days, which is the time they estimate is needed to complete a yearlong study of the area. But they also recommended that 11 already-approved projects be exempt, said Mary McCloskey, a city planner.

The ban was initially imposed to enable the city to study the area without further growth, but additional time is needed for the study, planning officials said in a memorandum to city council.


The land under study comprises about 1,040 acres in the center of one of the city’s prime real estate areas, bound roughly by the Santa Ana Freeway, just south of the Convention Center and Walnut Street.

The City Council is scheduled to receive a preliminary report today and will hold a public hearing June 12 before making its final decision.