San Diego

An unshaded table lamp ignited the drapes of a Southeast San Diego residence Tuesday morning, but the fire was quickly subdued after the owner sprinted across the street to Fire Station 12 and alerted firefighters. No one was injured.

The dwelling, a triplex in the 100 block of Ozark Street, suffered $16,000 in structural and interior damage, according to Fire Department spokesman Jon McDonald.

At 9:11 a.m., Linda White, 24, saw the fire and grabbed her sons Michael, 5, and Roosevelt, 3, and ran to the station. “They saw it and got right on it,” she said.

McDonald said the fire was out in about seven minutes.


The blaze started after a curtain rubbed up against a bare light bulb, said Eddie Robertson, who lives next door and is White’s brother. “The light was up against the curtain. Nobody detected it until it was too late,” he said. “She’s a little nervous, but she’s happy nobody got hurt.”

White said the fire left the residence uninhabitable. “It totally destroyed the bedroom, but really the whole house and our belongings, too,” she said.