U.S. Woman Gets Skull Fracture in Running of Bulls

From Associated Press

A 21-year-old American woman suffered a fractured skull in the running of the bulls Saturday, the final day of the weeklong San Fermin festival, a hospital spokesman said.

Stephanie Kern was in serious condition after she was knocked down by a bull during the run at the festival made famous by author Ernest Hemingway, the spokesman said.

Kern, who will be a college senior in Conway, S.C., and her mother arrived in Pamplona on Wednesday. Kern is the first woman known to have been injured in the running of the bulls, officials said.


Hannah Kern, of Clinchport, Va., said her daughter had been racing ahead of six bulls in a pack of people when the group suddenly surged forward. When she looked ahead to check her footing, a bull butted her with his head and caught her torso inside his horns.

The force of the impact sent her sprawling headfirst onto the cobblestone street, Kern said.

Five other people were treated at area hospitals after being less seriously injured during the 2 1/2-minute run with the bulls along the half-mile route from the corrals to the city bullring.