Santa Monica : Coalition on Homelessness

Mayor Dennis Zane and the mayors of 13 other cities have formed a coalition to urge state support for homeless programs.

The group successfully persuaded Assembly Speaker Willie Brown and Senate President Pro Tem David A. Roberti to hold hearings on homelessness. A hearing is scheduled for Oct. 18 in the Santa Monica City Council Chamber.

The coalition, which is calling itself the Business/Government Council to End Homelessness, was formed in part with funds allocated last year by the Santa Monica City Council. The city of Los Angeles also donated money.

"Cities have been unfairly burdened with the responsibility of solving a problem, which is national in scope," Zane said. "We are willing to do our share, but we can't go it alone."

West Hollywood Mayor John Heilman and Culver City Mayor Steven Gourley are also part of the coalition.

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