PRO FOOTBALL REPORT / WEEKDAY UPDATE : RAMS : Everett Will Yell for, Not at, Mates

Don’t expect Ram quarterback Jim Everett to emulate Cleveland quarterback Bernie Kosar, who went into a tirade Sunday after the Browns’ sixth consecutive loss. Kosar criticized his teammates for lack of concentration, and this week said the Browns appear to have benefited from the lashing as they head into this Sunday’s game against the Rams.

“I’m sure it was out of frustration; I’m sure it’s one way he wants to try to motivate his troops,” Everett said. “They’ve had a coaching change, and the leadership probably is not there, so he’s probably trying to take it upon himself.”

“I’m fortunate that we have some team leaders that are very solid individuals here, who through thick and thin make the difference.”

Coach John Robinson, while straining to make it clear he wasn’t specifically talking about Kosar’s action, said he would never want an individual player taking his teammates to task in the media.


“I think you feel betrayed when somebody does something like that, when in essence it’s behind your back, it’s to the press,” Robinson said.

Robinson also held an on-field meeting to make sure the Rams don’t have a letdown Sunday against the Cleveland Browns (2-9) after upsetting the San Francisco 49ers.