Julian Sands, Tired of Twit Bits, Likes ‘Warlock’ Role


Julian Sands is one of those blond, fair-skinned, blue-eyed English blokes who plays a twit as well or better than the next classically trained British actor.

But he’s sick and tired of those roles.

On a visit to Hollywood to publicize his newest movie, “Warlock,” the handsome 32-year-old performer said, “Upper- class twits are not what I like to do. I had an opportunity to prove I can do other things in ‘A Room With a View.’ ”

Indeed, Sands demonstrated he could play a romantic macho figure as Helena Bonham Carter’s lover in that hit film. It was Daniel Day-Lewis, alas, who was stuck playing the upper-class fop.


Sands is pleased that in “Warlock” he portrays the quintessence of evil, a male witch.

“As the warlock, I am the prince of malevolence,” he said happily. “He’s so totally bad there is something attractive and pure about his evil. He is dedicated in his desire to create horror.”

Beginning his acting career at age 6 in passion plays, his first big break was in the British TV series, “A Married Man,” starring Anthony Hopkins. Later, he was type-cast as the effete Brit.

“I’ve always accepted roles purely on the worth of the screenplays. I don’t make it a point to seek macho characterizations. I like to work. If a script comes in that appeals to me, I take it.”

Sands, who shaped his career working in Europe, said that, in Hollywood, he’s discovered that demands on the actor are “slightly different.”

“Acting in Hollywood is much more about definition than depth. In Europe the emphasis is on depth as compared with the focus on breadth in the United States.”