PRO FOOTBALL : DAILY REPORT : Foster Says He’ll Play Hurt for 49ers

<i> Associated Press</i>

Offensive tackle Roy Foster says the San Francisco 49ers want him to play the season with a partially torn biceps tendon in his right arm and have surgery afterward. Even though the injury is bound to get worse, Foster said he will play. “They want it to get worse so it can get better,” Foster said. “That’s it basically, in a nutshell. I trust what they’re doing.”

Told of Foster’s comments, Coach George Seifert said: “That sounds contrary to what I was told. My understanding was that they didn’t find anything all that bad and that he’d be all right to practice next week.”

Fullback John L. Williams ended an 18-day holdout and reported to the Seattle Seahawks’ training camp.


Kansas City nose tackle Dan Saleaumua ended a 19-day holdout and reported.

Deion Sanders ended his four-day rest period between baseball and football and reported to the Atlanta Falcons’ camp. He complained about being fined by the Falcons for reporting late. “I want to see my fine sheet,” he said.