Video Rental Chart : Sales Reduce 'Home' Rentals

A mass-appeal movie that grossed over $281 million, "Home Alone" will be a smash hit on home video. It entered the Billboard magazine rental chart at No. 4 and might be on top next week. If it were geared to the rental market, "Home Alone" might have entered at No. 1. But much of the movie's business is being done in the sales market, where some retailers--particularly discount stores--are selling it in the $15-$17 range, so many prospective "Home Alone" renters are buying it instead. Still, it should be a major rental hit for the next few months. "Scenes From a Mall," the comedy-drama featuring Bette Milder and Woody Allen, is another popular new rental, jumping from No. 22 to No. 13.

* Many retailers will tell you that "Dances With Wolves"--probably the most eagerly awaited rental since "Ghost"--was the big rental of the Labor Day weekend, topping "Home Alone." A fan favorite ($182-million gross), this Oscar-winner debuted at No. 36 because the rankings were made before all the weekend totals were in. Look for "Dances" to waltz into the Top Two next week.

Ranking Weeks Ranking 2 Weeks On Rental Top Rentals Last Week Ago Chart 1. "Sleeping With the Enemy" (FoxVideo) 1 1 5 2. "Awakenings" (RCA/Columbia) 2 8 4 3. "New Jack City" (Warner) 3 9 4 4. "Home Alone" (FoxVideo) ... ... 1 5. "Misery" (New Line) 4 2 7 * "Dances With Wolves" (Orion) ... ... 1

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