Michael McCarty Isn't High on Reader's List

If ever we needed a perfect symbol of the '80s as the Decade of Deception and Greed, Michael (Gordon Gekko) McCarty is my nomination! I refer, of course, to your article in this Sunday's Westside section describing his lawsuit against the city of Santa Monica.

I personally disagree with many of the views of our city attorney, Robert Myers. But whatever faults I perceive him to have, none include lack of integrity, which he possesses almost to a fault. Therefore, when he proclaims that "by filing this lawsuit Michael McCarty is indicating he lied to the people of Santa Monica (and) is a man of no integrity," Mr. Myers knows whereof he speaks.

Every step of the way, McCarty has attempted to deceive everyone from our naive City Council to Pete Wilson to the citizens of Santa Monica. Fortunately, none of us have been taken in by this smooth-talker.

Obviously, a contract means nothing to him. Clearly, he never had any intention of honoring his agreement to abide by the vote of the people.

Beware Tricky Mikey! The people of Santa Monica are watching you and are wise to your gambits. You are not welcome here so why don't you go build your hotel in a place like, say, Baghdad, where the politicians are your kind of people? I'll personally pay for your ticket (one way that is).


Santa Monica

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