Beverly Hills : Civic Center Trial Delayed

The city of Beverly Hills and a Civic Center contractor have postponed their court date for another 90 days.

The two sides had been set for trial sometime in February in their dispute over who owes what to whom for construction of the final phase of the Beverly Hills Civic Center.

But at a pretrial conference, they agreed to put off their courtroom encounter until May 1 in order to complete pretrial interviews, attorneys said.

The Civic Center was completed in 1990 at an estimated cost of $120 million. The Civic Center's library, police headquarters and outdoor courtyards were the responsibility of the J.A. Jones Construction Co., which was paid just over $61 million on costs that it estimates at almost $75 million.

The firm blames the city for extensive delays and changes, but municipal attorneys have filed their own claim for $8 million, charging fraud, negligence and breach of contract.

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