Newborn Left in a Can 10 Hours Is Reported in Stable Condition

A newborn left in a trash can for 10 hours was in stable condition Thursday, police said.

Police found the infant boy Wednesday afternoon after his mother, Kelly Talbert, 23, told doctors at Humana Hospital-Westminster Wednesday morning that she had just aborted a four-month pregnancy.

Doctors, however, determined that the woman had had a full-term pregnancy and that she had given birth recently, and Talbert could not explain where the baby was, police said.

Police went to Talbert's home in Garden Grove and found the blond, blue-eyed baby in an open trash can at the side of the house shortly after 12:30 p.m. They estimated the baby was put there about 10 hours earlier, said Lt. Gary Walker.

Police took the baby to UCI Medical Center in Orange. Doctors in the intensive care unit said the baby's "prognosis is great."

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