LOS ANGELES : Man Gets 22 Years for Firing at Drug Agent

In a pair of rulings handed down last week and Monday, a Los Angeles man who shot at a federal drug agent in 1989 and eluded police for more than two years was sentenced to nearly 22 years in prison.

Errol Lincoln Brown had been sentenced last week to 19 years in prison for the attempted murder of Leston Stallworth, a Los Angeles police officer who was on assignment with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration. On Monday, a federal judge completed Brown's sentencing by adding 33 months for illegal possession of three handguns.

Brown was convicted of firing at Stallworth in May, 1989, after officers attempted to arrest Brown for selling $1,200 worth of crack cocaine. According to prosecutors, Brown then fled the country.

He turned himself in in 1991, after resisting another attempt to arrest him outside his apartment.

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