Teen Pregnancy

Re "O.C. Teen Pregnancy Rates Showing a Relentless Rise" (May 7): As far as I know, the females of the human species are not parthenogenetic. Yet our society still seems to place the onus of pregnancy on the females.

Why doesn't our society place more responsibility on the male? Somehow, the Don Juan attitude of male conquerors persists in spite of the feminist movement.

I think that there are laws to make males financially responsible for the birth and upbringing of their offspring, but these laws do not seem to be strictly enforced. Perhaps more stringent laws should be made and enforced. If the offender is a minor, the parents ought to be made responsible for the support of the offspring.

Of course, the females ought to be taught that having a child is not all fun and games. They must be made to realize that a child deserves more than just love and that an adorable infant can turn into a burden.

As an old fogy, I think that teen-agers should be learning skills and having fun other than sex and making babies.

The pro-lifers could help by cooperating with Planned Parenthood clinics.


Huntington Beach

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