Section Adds Line for Girls in Basketball


Girls’ basketball in the Southern Section is taking a step forward by not being able to take a step backward.

That’s the opinion of Dean Crowley, section assistant commissioner in charge of basketball, who watched Thursday as the section adopted a midcourt line for the girls’ game, bringing it closer to the way it is played by college women.

The proposal by the Marmonte League implements “a midcourt line as is now utilized in all other organized basketball programs at the high school level.”

In other words, it is now a violation to return the ball to the backcourt once it crosses the midcourt line. Because a 30-second shot clock remains in effect, there still will be no time limit for crossing midcourt.


The proposal will be forwarded to the California Interscholastic Federation state federated council for approval. The earliest the rule could be enacted would be for the 1994-95 season.

“It brings us in much closer proximity with girls across the country who are playing, both at the high school and college level,” Crowley said. “We’ve been out of sync for many years now, but I think if we can get the state to adopt this proposal, our girls will be in the 20th Century as far as women’s basketball is concerned.

“You talk to a lot of the college coaches, (and) without the midcourt line, our kids don’t understand some offenses and defenses that have to do with trapping and things of that nature. In the Southern Section, the majority of our coaches are very supportive of this. This is a long time in coming.”

The section also approved the proposed 1993-94 budget, which--at $1,282,793--is 2% less than 1992-93.

Among other items the section agreed upon:

--Officials would not receive a pay increase.

--Tournaments in baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, track and wrestling would count as two games toward its maximum allowable number of contests.

--A statement of sportsmanship appearing in the section’s Blue Book.


--Teams and individuals are no longer able to accept direct donations of equipment; those must now go through respective school boards or governing bodies.