Philcox Ineffective in Browns' Loss : AFC: Cleveland quarterback has two passes intercepted and loses two fumbles as Seahawks win, 22-5.

From Associated Press

Cleveland missed Bernie Kosar in the worst way.

Todd Philcox, Kosar's replacement, playing for the first time this season, threw two interceptions and lost two fumbles in the first half as the mistake-prone Browns failed to score a touchdown in a 22-5 loss to Seattle on Sunday.

Six days after Kosar was cut, Philcox made his first appearance of the season and second career start in his eighth game of his four-year NFL career. His inexperience showed.

"With a Bernie Kosar out there, it's a real different story," Eugene Robinson said after his three-takeaway game for the Seahawks.

"Cleveland has some pretty good talent," Seahawk Coach Tom Flores said. "What they lack now is an experienced quarterback."

The Seahawks (5-5) had seven takeaways--five fumble recoveries and the two interceptions--to beat the Browns (5-4) on a day when Rick Mirer looked like a rookie in the first half, but a veteran in the second.

The Seahawks offense improved in the second half, too. Held to two first downs and 38 yards in the first half, it bounced back as Chris Warren had his first 100-yard rushing game since Sept. 19, finishing with 112 yards. Warren had just five yards in the first half.

Cleveland Coach Bill Belichick went with Philcox the entire game.

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