Pedestrian Killed by Train Near Ontario Airport

A Metrolink train heading from Los Angeles to Riverside on Thursday hit and killed a pedestrian who was walking on the tracks near Ontario International Airport, a Metrolink spokesman said.

It was not known whether the person who had been walking between the rails near Bon View Avenue and Mission Boulevard was a man or woman. The pedestrian was thrown about 250 feet by the impact with the 100-ton train about 6:15 p.m., said Peter Hidalgo, a Metrolink spokesman. No one aboard the crowded train was hurt, he added.

Hidalgo said the person ignored the horn of the train, which was traveling 60 m.p.h. It took the train about a quarter-mile to stop. The train left Union Station at 5:30 p.m.

The pedestrian died instantly. It was the second fatal accident on Metrolink’s Riverside line and the 12th person to be killed by a Metrolink train this year.


The train’s 450 passengers and crew were delayed for 45 minutes and then continued on to Riverside. “It appeared the engineer did everything he could to avoid hitting the person,” said Ontario police Sgt. Bill Bryan.