Softball Titles, Playoff Field Still Not Settled


There’s plenty at stake in today’s softball games. If not league championships, certainly playoff berths.

And in the event of ties, coin flips will determine who gets preferential treatment from the Southern Section’s playoff selection committee.

The difference between being No. 1 from a league and No. 2 could be the difference between being seeded or facing a tough team early in the playoffs.

Each league’s top three teams get automatic berths.


Here’s what is at stake in the last two days of the regular season:


CENTURY--Clinched: Foothill (20-6, 8-1), Villa Park (16-9, 7-2). Undecided: If El Modena (10-12, 5-4) beats Foothill, the Vanguards are third. If they lose, and Canyon (12-9, 4-5) beats Villa Park, Canyon is third through tiebreakers. Orange (12-9, 3-6) could get an at-large berth with a victory and Canyon loss.

EMPIRE--Clinched: Los Alamitos (20-4, 9-0), El Dorado (17-7, 7-2), Cypress (15-5, 6-3). Undecided: If Cypress beats El Dorado, coin flip determines No. 2 entry.


GARDEN GROVE--Clinched: Kennedy (19-5-1, 11-1-1), Pacifica (17-5-1, 11-1-1). Undecided: At worst, La Quinta (15-8, 8-5) has tiebreaker advantages over Garden Grove (16-11, 8-5) and Rancho Alamitos (12-8, 7-6) for an at-large berth. Rancho holds the tiebreaker advantage over Garden Grove. Rancho plays Santiago (8-14, 2-11) and Garden Grove plays Bolsa Grande (7-14, 4-9).

SOUTH COAST--Clinched: El Toro (20-8, 8-1), Mater Dei (18-5, 7-2). Undecided: Capistrano Valley (14-8, 5-4) plays Mater Dei. San Clemente (9-13-1, 4-5) can get in if it beats Dana Hills, Capistrano Valley loses, and San Clemente wins Friday’s playoff.

SUNSET--Clinched: Marina (20-2, 12-1), Fountain Valley (14-8-1, 10-3). Undecided: If Ocean View (16-6, 9-4) and Huntington Beach (15-8, 9-4) are tied, they’ll play Saturday. Huntington Beach plays Marina, Ocean View plays Westminster (7-13, 5-7).



FREEWAY--Clinched: Fullerton (13-13, 7-2), Sunny Hills (13-10, 6-3). Undecided: Possible four-way tie for third if Sonora (13-13, 4-5) loses to La Habra (7-13, 3-6) and Troy (8-13, 4-5) loses to Buena Park (7-13, 3-6). In the event of a three-way tie, a coin flip determines who gets a bye in a two-game playoff; a three-game playoff will determine third in the event of a four-way tie.

ORANGE--Clinched: Savanna (11-9, 7-2), Western (14-10, 6-3), Magnolia (12-8, 6-3). Undecided: Savanna would win title outright by beating Western today. In a three-way tie at 7-3, Magnolia would be top-seeded for playoffs.


PACIFIC COAST--Clinched: Laguna Hills (13-9-1, 8-1), Trabuco Hills (11-10, 7-2). Undecided: Costa Mesa (11-9, 6-3) is third if it beats Trabuco Hills. Century (5-4, 7-13) is third if it beats Laguna Hills and Costa Mesa loses. A coin flip will break a first-place tie.


SEA VIEW--Clinched: Irvine (16-9, 10-3), Woodbridge (19-8, 10-3). Undecided: Third-place Tustin (11-6, 9-4) plays fourth-place Santa Margarita (17-10, 8-5) today. If they are tied, they’ll play Friday.


OLYMPIC--Clinched: Cerritos Valley Christian (16-3-1, 9-0), Whittier Christian (8-8, 7-3). Undecided: Calvary Chapel (10-15, 7-4) can clinch by beating Cerritos Valley Christian or if fourth-place Brethren Christian (13-6, 6-5) loses to Capistrano Valley Christian. If tied, the two will have a playoff to decide third place.