Trust’s Wetlands Swap Plan Is Unreal

* With regard to “Wetlands Swap for U.S. Land Sought” (May 5) concerning the wetlands swap for U.S. land: I’m trying to figure out what the environmental news is here and maybe how the Bolsa Chica Land Trust gets air time for one hare-brained scheme after another.

If a non-ownership group can claim an interest in another person’s property and then start shopping it around to third persons without the owner’s knowledge or consent, it seems to me that they ought to be liable for damages.

I suppose the Koll Group doesn’t want to antagonize anyone. In any case, I think the next news flash you get from the Bolsa Chica Land Trust you should consider running it in the comics section. Next to The Far Side.

Please do not get me wrong. I belong to no groups involved with Bolsa Chica, but I am a 28-year resident of Huntington Beach and am very familiar with the wetlands. The wetlands need to be restored, hopefully while there are still people on this planet.


If it requires developing the surrounding area to pay for the restoration, then so be it. In my opinion, the Amigos are on the right track.


Huntington Beach