ORANGE : Chapman Seniors to Unveil Mascot Statue

Chapman University's senior class will present the university with an eight-foot bronze statue of a panther--the school mascot--on Tuesday, in preparation for the return of football to the campus.

Seniors raised almost $8,000 for the sculpture, which depicts a panther prepared to strike, Chapman spokeswoman Ruth Wardwell said. It is the most expensive gift given by any senior class at Chapman, she said.

Chapman's panther will usher in the much-anticipated upcoming football season, Wardwell said. The university has not fielded a football team for 62 years.

Seniors hope the sculpture will spark new traditions, Wardwell said, such as football players touching the panther for good luck before their games.

The statue, designed by Colorado artist Rosetta, will be unveiled at noon at the north end of the Argyros Forum patio, next to the athletics field.

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