Supports 'the Block'

A teacher in my hometown has just been suspended from his coaching position. With 14 years of teaching experience at Simi Valley High School, he was a positive influence on many students.

His coaching technique, known as "the block," could be a motive for his suspension. This procedure had to be voted on and approved unanimously by the team players. The parents of each player were informed of this style of discipline.

The team would bid on who would take a swat on a fellow teammate, for reasons such as forgetting equipment or missing a practice game. These players insist they would rather have a single swat from a hand than missing an entire game and losing a possible opportunity from a major college baseball scout witnessing their athletic prowess.

Personally, I feel "the block" is an exceptional way of teaching discipline. If this man is still coaching by the time I have children, I will definitely encourage my child to play under his guidance.


Simi Valley

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