SPECIAL REPORT / ELECTION PREVIEW : DECISION '94 / A Voter's Guide to State and Local Elections : Preparing to Vote

* Absentee balloting: Applications for absentee ballots are on the back page of your sample ballot. You may also request an absentee ballot from the county registrar's office. Applications must be received by Tuesday. Ballots must be received by the registrar or delivered to a polling location by 8 p.m. June 7, Election Day.

* Polling places: Your sample ballot should tell you where to vote. If you need to find out where your polling place is located, or have other voting questions, call the county registrar at one of the numbers listed here. One of the easiest ways to find out where your polling place is is to ask a neighbor. Polling places are marked with flags.

* Voter information numbers: Although registrars will have additional phone lines set up for Election Day, numbers are frequently busy, so be patient and leave yourself plenty of time.

* Los Angeles: (310) 462-2748 or on Election Day only, (800) 413-0009

* Orange: (714) 567-7600

* San Diego: (619) 694-3400

* Ventura: (805) 654-2781

* Riverside: (909) 275-8700

* San Bernardino: (909) 387-8300

The secretary of state has a 24-hour voter information hot line, (800) 345-VOTE. The Los Angeles County registrar's 24-hour voter line is (800) 481-VOTE.

* Hours of voting; Statewide hours are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Tuesday, June 7.

* Sample ballots and copies of measures: If you are registered to vote in the June election, you should have received your sample ballot and ballot pamphlet with the text of the measures. If you have not received these materials call the numbers listed above. Contact your City Hall for information on local issues.

* Violations: Report violations to the county registrar or the secretary of state's office. Examples of violations include voting twice, voting as someone else, soliciting or purchasing votes near polling areas, or offering anything of value for voting, such as giveaways and contests based on voted ballot stubs.

* The next election: The deadline to register for the June primary has passed. For future elections, voter registration forms are generally available at post offices, libraries, fire stations, DMV offices, city halls and county offices. Deadline to register for the Nov. 8 election is Oct. 11. You should re-register if you move, change your name or want to change your party affiliation.

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