Just another Hollywood remake: While lawyers for...

Just another Hollywood remake: While lawyers for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce are trying to stamp out rival walks of fame--such as Huntington Beach’s new Surf Walk of Fame--historian Ken Schessler has made an interesting discovery.

He points out that the book “Famous First Facts” states that the original walk of fame was established in 1929 at Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla.--30 years before Hollywood got the idea.

We phoned Rollins, and spokeswoman Ann Mikell said the school’s shrine is still going strong. “This year we honored Maya Angelou,” Mikell said.

Rather than consisting of glitzy stars, the Rollins walkway is made up of stones, rocks and bricks from the homes of more than 600 people, including such historical figures as William Shakespeare, Christopher Columbus, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.


“We don’t really have any Hollywood-type personalities,” Mikell said. “The closest might be Fred Rogers (TV’s Mister Rogers). He graduated from here.”

One other thing: Mikell said that Rollins College has no plans to demand that Hollywood shut down its Johnny-come-lately Walk of Fame.


What’s in a street name: West Los Angeles Drive and East Los Angeles Drive are two legs of the same street in a crime-ridden section of Vista, a northern San Diego County city.


A resident recently suggested that some new names for the two might reduce crime. So, the City Council has decided to survey residents of East Los Angeles Drive to see if they would favor their street being re-christened Vista Townsite Drive.

And West L.A. Drive? It will remain unchanged, reported Randy Dotinga in the Times Advocate of Escondido.

“I don’t have a negative connotation when I hear ‘West Los Angeles,’ ” explained Councilman Ted Cole.


Money-making postal ideas: Sounds like a contradiction in terms, we know. After all, the U.S. Postal Service had to be practically dragged kicking and screaming into issuing an Elvis stamp--its biggest seller ever (bringing in $36 million last year).

Postal services in several other countries had already immortalized the King. And, now, they are capitalizing on other American stars shunned by the Postal Service.

Madonna is featured in stamps put out by the nations of Gambia, St. Vincent and Grenada.

A Marilyn Monroe stamp? Well, you can write Tanzania for one.


If it’s a Bad Actors Series you wish to start, Sierra Leone has Sylvester Stallone in “Rocky III” while Grenada has Dolly Parton, Madonna and Cher.

Or if you want to begin a Celebrities- Who’ve-Died-in-L.A. Series, you could combine Marilyn Monroe with Grenada’s tribute to glum-faced singer Janis Joplin. The latter is a 90-cent stamp, in Eastern Caribbean dollars, of course. But because her first name is misspelled “Janice,” it’s probably worth at least $1.80.


Relief for classical music haters: T.C. Cirillo sent along a business card from a Lakewood chiropractor who specializes in several categories, including: “Low Bach Pain.”


The five most frequent reasons that the CHP tickets drivers in Southern California, according to Sgt. Ernie Garcia are: 1. speeding, 2. drunk driving, 3. running a stop sign, 4. tailgating and 5. running a stoplight.