SEXUAL WHAT? Vietnamese emigres have had to...

SEXUAL WHAT? Vietnamese emigres have had to adapt in many ways to their new homeland, including adding phrases to the Vietnamese language for Western situations. One of the more recent ones is quay nhieu tinh duc , meaning sexual harassment. . . . "In Vietnam, people can be charged with rape or molestation, but sexual harassment has not become an issue yet," says Dinh Viet Nguyen, a lawyer based in Westminster. "We had to translate the English term when we came over here."

RON'S DEMOCRATS? Dana Point City Atty. Jerry Patterson boasts that, while the new federal courthouse coming soon may bear Ronald Reagan's name, Democrats got the project moving. . . . The former Democratic congressman, based in Santa Ana, points out that he sponsored the courthouse bill, signed by President Jimmy Carter in 1980. And the money was finally appropriated last January during Bill Clinton's term. Says Patterson: "There's not a Ronald Reagan fingerprint on that facility."

BRICK TRICKS: Leo Martinez, 29, of Placentia found out something when he learned masonry at the North Orange County Regional Occupational Program: He was good at it. How good? He not only won the Outstanding Student in Construction Trades award there last year, he recently won a contractors' contest in San Mateo for being the best apprentice bricklayer in the western United States. Says a modest Martinez: "The secret is in the way you position your body, the way you stand and do the work."

OLYMPIC MADNESS? With the World Cup over, next comes "Barrio Olympics" to be held in September at Anaheim High School for youths under 18. The sponsor is Solevar, a Latino solidarity group based in Anaheim. Says Seferino Garcia, its director: "We're doing this to stop the madness in the streets and to gear youngsters in the right direction, away from gangs, drugs and violence." It will include softball, basketball and track.

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