ON THE ROAD: Ventura County has yet...

ON THE ROAD: Ventura County has yet to regain its allure for folks from out of state. . . . The Department of Motor Vehicles reports that 11,265 licensed drivers moved from the county to other states, while 7,017 out-of-state drivers moved here. That’s a net loss of 4,248 drivers. And the DMV figures that for every two drivers, there’s a dependent who doesn’t drive. So it places the county’s exodus last year at 6,372 people. The pattern mirrors a statewide trend (A3), with 126,000 California drivers fleeing for other states.

ON THE MARCH: One Thousand Oaks homeowner reports a black column of ants heading straight for the swimming pool. Another says every night a phalanx of critters crawls across the kitchen counter. . . . Driven indoors by the heat, six-legged armies are infiltrating homes in search of water (A1). . . . Pest control firms are buzzing with calls for help. “There’s been a tremendous increase since the heat wave started,” said Marco Sobrino, of Conejo Valley Pest Control. “I’ve seen thousands and thousands of ants everywhere.”

For the record:

12:00 AM, Aug. 19, 1994 For the Record
Los Angeles Times Friday August 19, 1994 Valley Edition Sports Part C Page 9 Column 5 Zones Desk 1 inches; 23 words Type of Material: Correction
Youth baseball--Because of a reporter’s error, the score of the Thousand Oaks Little League game was incorrect in Thursday’s edition. Thousand Oaks won, 10-3.

ON THE WATERFRONT: Aquarium fever is breaking out along the Gold Coast. . . . Enticed by the notion of a prestigious tourist attraction, Ventura, Oxnard and Santa Barbara are racing forward with plans to build aquariums brimming with sea life (Ventura County Life, Page 8). But experts say three fish tanks would saturate the market. “I hope somebody really does an aquarium,” says urban planner Bill Fulton, “but all three of these towns is a ridiculous idea.”

ON A ROLL: What baseball strike? For fans of Thousand Oaks Little League, this could hardly be considered a lull in the season. . . . The Thousand Oaks 13-year-old All Stars defeated a team from Arlington, Fla., 10-4, to win their second game in the Junior League World Series in Taylor, Mich. . . . The Thousand Oaks team advances to the semifinals tonight. “I think we’re capable of winning the championship,” said Coach Craig Frazier. “We’re right there.”