Coach Chuck Knox’s explanation on why he played quarterback Chris Miller against the Chargers, but did not play running back Jerome Bettis and wide receiver Flipper Anderson:

“We wanted Miller to get the work; we wanted him to get a half,” Knox said. “As you’ve seen before with running backs . . . the goods ones don’t need a whole lot of work.

“Emmitt Smith hadn’t practiced at all last year, didn’t even put the pads on, and ran for 100 yards after they had lost their first two games (without him). Historically, when we’ve had outstanding running backs, we haven’t played them in the last preseason game.

“Flipper’s a veteran receiver, and we wanted to give some work to the other people.”


Knox kept Bettis out of half the team’s exhibition games and allowed him 20 carries in which Bettis produced 57 yards.

“If he had played (against the Chargers) he wouldn’t have gotten many yards,” Knox said.

“There weren’t a whole lot of places to run. We have to do a better job blocking up front. That’s going to be a key offensively.”