Golfer’s Father, 62, Confronts Daly, and Minor Scrape Ensues

Associated Press

John Daly, golf’s longest hitter, got into a fight with the father of another golfer over course etiquette Sunday after Daly shot an 83 in the final round of the World Series of Golf.

According to witnesses, Daly, 28, was grabbed from behind by Bob Roth, 62, after the two exchanged words near the entrance to the pro shop. Roth was upset because Daly twice had hit balls into the group ahead of him.

Roth’s son, Jeffrey, was in the twosome ahead of Daly.

The elder Roth and Daly fell to the ground, wrestled briefly and were separated by the crowd. Neither was hurt badly, although Roth’s left elbow was scraped and needed to be bandaged.


Akron police Lt. Michael Woody said he spoke with representatives of both men, and neither wanted to file charges. Police planned no further action.

“It’s out of proportion now, so it doesn’t need to be expounded upon,” the elder Roth said.

Daly could not be located for comment. But Terry Travis, the caddie for golfer Ikuo Shirahama, said Daly was not at fault. Travis said he saw the fight break out and pulled Daly away from Roth.

“John’s coming out of the clubhouse,” Travis said. “There’s something said. It looked like John said, ‘Sorry about that’ and started to walk away. Then the guy grabs him from behind.”