Rep. Levy Beaten in N.Y. Primary

From Associated Press

Rep. David A. Levy lost the Republican congressional primary by 54 votes to maverick candidate Dan Frisa in the country's first upset of a GOP incumbent this year.

Soon after the official count was announced Wednesday, the first-term congressman asked the state Supreme Court to invalidate the election and order a new one, based on reports of voter irregularities.

County Elections Commissioner Richard Blum said Frisa captured 12,487 votes to Levy's 12,433. Unofficial results from the Sept. 13 primary had showed Levy trailing Frisa by 276 votes.

Levy is the first Republican and fourth incumbent to lose in a primary this year.

Frisa, a former Republican assemblyman, ran independent of the GOP machine. He had been denied the nomination in 1992 and lost to Levy in that year's primary.

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