Diana Reportedly Planning Comeback : Royalty: Prince Charles' estranged wife is said to be preparing to return to public life 'with a vengeance'--as the British Red Cross' head fund-raiser.


Princess Diana is planning to make a splashy comeback into public life as the head of fund-raising efforts for the British Red Cross, it was reported here Sunday.

The London Sunday Times said that Diana, the estranged wife of Prince Charles, is preparing to return to the public eye--in her words, "with a vengeance"--after halting major public appearances a year ago.

Diana's new role came about after conversations with Queen Elizabeth II, according to excerpts from biographer Andrew Morton's new book, "Diana: Her New Life."

The book reports that Diana had explored an assignment as a roving ambassador. Morton says that Prime Minister John Major was enthusiastic about the idea but that it was vetoed by officials at Buckingham Palace on the grounds that such a role would upstage Charles.

In the excerpts, author Morton says that Diana is refusing to initiate divorce proceedings against Charles because she does not want to be blamed for a "constitutional crisis" involving the monarchy, hoping instead that her husband will file the divorce papers.

Morton says that Diana hopes to remarry one day and have more children, preferably girls, although she has no potential suitor in sight.

Diana is said to feel that she "is the biggest prostitute in the world" because of the way she has been used in the past for various public and charity duties.

She also admitted, according to Morton, that she and her royal in-laws have often been at odds--and that she views the palace, most family members and their courtiers as a "leper colony."

The author says that Diana has an obsessional interest in astrologers, mystics, clairvoyants and fortunetellers--and that she tries to contact dead friends and relatives.

Further, Morton says she believes that in a previous incarnation she was a nun.

Morton reports that Diana is fascinated about Charles' relationship with his married mistress, Camilla Parker-Bowles, and has tried to discern where they met for trysts.

Although Morton is thought to be close to many of Diana's friends, Buckingham Palace sources insist that he has not been in direct contact with the princess for about two years.

The book says that Diana is still battling an eating disorder, bulimia, and that she takes the antidepressant drug Prozac.

In summing up what she would like to see in the future, Morton says the princess has mused to friends, "If I was able to write my own script, I would hope that my husband would go off with his lady and leave me and the children to carry the Wales name until William (her elder son) ascends the throne."

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