A summary of selected City Hall actions this week affecting central Los Angeles. : CITY COUNCIL

APARTMENT SPRINKLERS: Instructed the city attorney to prepare an ordinance that would require the installation of a Dorothy Mae sprinkler system in all apartment buildings of six stories or less. The Dorothy Mae system, named after a Sunset Boulevard apartment building in which a 1983 fire killed 25 people, consists of a row of sprinklers down the center of a corridor and one sprinkler head at the entrance of each apartment. Los Angeles Fire Marshal Davis Parsons said that in buildings with the Dorothy Mae sprinkler system, there have been no multiple-death fires in the city since 1983. The first draft of the ordinance calls for the building owners to be paid the entire cost of the system if they complete installation within three years of the date the law goes into effect. The proposed ordinance is expected to have several amendments added by the Public Safety Committee before it returns to City Council for a final vote.

* WASHINGTON IRVING LIBRARY: Approved a motion that will allow the Library Department to apply for a $471,591 grant from the federal government for the expansion of the Washington Irving Library, 1803 S. Arlington Ave. The money would be used to expand the library to 12,269 square feet from 9,000 square feet.

* FEE ASSESSMENT: Approved motions to assess the owners of four properties deemed hazardous by the city for the costs of barricading and demolishing the structures and cleaning and fencing the lots. The properties and the assessments to be levied on the owners are: 4503 Honduras St. ($33,900), 137 S. Virgil Avenue ($13,467); 5146 S. Main St. ($7,637); and 1248 Elden Ave. ($27,543). The property owners are entitled to dispute the assessments at a hearing on a date not yet set.

* JOB FAIR: Approved the closure of the 1000 block of North Chicago Street on April 1 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for a job and training information fair at the East Los Angeles Occupational Center. At the fair, more then 30 employers and job training agencies will discuss job search techniques, resume writing and job requirements.


How South-Central and Eastside City Council representatives voted on selected issues.

* FALSE ALARMS: Gave preliminary approval to an ordinance that would lower from four to two the number of false alarms by warning devices in homes or businesses allowed during a 12-month period before an $80 fine would be imposed. The ordinance, endorsed by the Police Department, is an effort to reduce the 150,000 false alarms police responded to last year. According to a department report, officers spend 18% of their time responding to false alarms. Several council members expressed concern that the ordinance will discourage some people from having alarms. Passed 9-4. Voting yes: Jackie Goldberg, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Rita Walters. Voting no: Mike Hernandez, Nate Holden, Rudy Svorinich Jr. Absent: Richard Alatorre.

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