Supervisors OK Water-Main Project in Malibu to Improve Fire Protection

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has approved a project to replace an antiquated water system in Malibu that failed firefighters in their battle to stop the disastrous 1993 wildfire and was further damaged by the Northridge earthquake.

The $3-million project will consist of water main replacements in the La Costa neighborhood, between Carbon Canyon Road and Rambla Pacifico, an area of about 250 homes. A third of the cost will be shouldered by property owners, who will pay $3,250 each. The rest will be paid by the county.

The new system will have four times the capacity of the old one, fire officials say. Reflecting confidence in the new system, the Los Angeles County Fire Department is now waiving a requirement that new homes in the area be built with sprinkler systems.

Work on the new water system is scheduled to begin in June.

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