Bad Case of Motion Sickness

Today on ESPrepN, the South Coast League supplemental draft.

Capistrano Valley . . .

. . . quarterback Austin Moherman.

Mater Dei . . .

. . . wide receiver Rod Perry.

Trabuco Hills . . .

. . . Coach Bill Crow.

Oops, looks as if Trabuco Hills' folk misunderstood this event. While they sort it out, let's take a break for a quick interview with Southern Section officials.

"Please stop, pleeeeease."

Ah, nothing like a little law enforcement from an organization in handcuffs. When your Blue Book has more gray areas than gray matter, it's tough to be tough.

These days, people don't need a lawyer to find the gaping loopholes in the all-mighty Blue Book. Change of address forms keep rolling into the section office. Getting around the rules is easy, it just takes the will to do it.

Take Moherman. Only a junior and already he has enrolled at three high schools. This is even his second go-round in the South Coast League. Moherman, a junior, was Mission Viejo's starting quarterback the past 1 1/2 seasons. Any boy's dream, right?

Well, this isn't any boy, just ask Dad.

Seems a meeting with Mission Viejo Coach Bill Denny didn't go too well last spring. Basically, Denny said no to the idea of making every page in the play book a pass. The word "Showcase" came up, followed by another word: Adios.

It was off to Los Angeles Wilson for Moherman.

To be fair, football was only half the reason. Dad said he also needed to be closer to his Los Angeles County-based business. Business must be booming. A mere two months later, Papa Moherman can again put distance between himself and his office.

That it came one game into Wilson's season might raise an eyebrow or two.

Did the fact that Wilson lost its opener prompt another move? Or were there some light bulbs missing in that spotlight?

Still, valuable lessons must have been imparted, although minor details--loyalty, commitment--might be excess baggage. No matter, just leave them on the side of this well-traveled road.

Of course, Moherman has now dropped the ball, so to speak, in Dave Brown's lap. The Cougar coach already has a talented, but maybe not quite as talented as Moherman, junior starting at quarterback.

Decisions, decisions.

Mater Dei's Bruce Rollinson has no such worries. When Perry is ready, Perry is playing.

This one is a bit softer. Perry did actually play at Mater Dei the last two seasons. Then dad got a job with the Houston Oilers. But Sugar Land (Tex.) wasn't so sweet. Perry, it seems, was homesick for the guys. So he left Houston, and his family, to rejoin his pals.

A little massaging of section rules is necessary. A Mater Dei family will become Perry's legal guardian, making him eligible to play.

And there's the Southern Section, like a traffic cop on Valium.

What can its officials do? Both transfers abide by the rules. Change residence, even several times, and you're immediately eligible. Live with a legal guardian instead of parents and you're immediately eligible.

There's no time to ascertain motive, not when the "In Basket" is overflowing. All the section can do is rely on ethics and keep people up to date on the rules. That last part seems a never-ending task.

Why just the other day, a parent called the section office wanting to know the date an athlete could turn 19 and still be eligible. The parent was getting ready to enroll a child in kindergarten and was just wondering if he could wait a year.

Now, back to the draft.

Mission Viejo . . .

. . . that 5-year-old kid.

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