San Gabriel Valley : Humane Society Seizes Fighting Cocks

The crowing of roosters can no longer be heard on a quiet Pasadena street where the noisy birds used to announce their presence on a daily basis.

A dozen fighting cocks, along with their sickle-shaped slashing spurs, were seized from a Pasadena home this week during a Humane Society raid. Fifteen hens also were confiscated.

Assisted by police, Pasadena Humane Society officers were seeking evidence Thursday as part of a continuing investigation of the family-owned operation on Flower Street.

In addition to the roosters, which are bred and trained to fight, officers said they seized syringes, animal steroids, scales for weighing the birds, a gun, food stamps and $1,900 in cash.

They also found a fighting pit with a seating area that could hold as many as 100 viewers, said Humane Society Sgt. Endel Jurman. No arrests were made, but charges may be filed within the next week, Jurman said.

The misdemeanor penalty for cock fighting is up to one year in county jail and up to $10,000 in fines, Jurman said.

"It gets depressing to see that people are treating animals this way," Jurman said. "We just do what we can to stop it."

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