COLLEGE FOOTBALL / DAILY REPORT : UCLA : Kirschke Keeps Going on 'Flat Tire'

Defensive tackle Travis Kirschke got in for 15-20 plays against Stanford last Saturday. If he can do the same this weekend against California at the Rose Bowl, Coach Terry Donahue will be happy.

Kirschke suffered a sprained right ankle Sept. 23 against Washington State and it has not healed.

"He's playing on a flat tire," Donahue said. "He can't get well. We can't let him get well because we don't have another guy. He's playing on one leg, but he's got to do that."


Linebacker Donnie Edwards has donated $150 to the National City Boys Club as restitution for receiving that amount in groceries, allegedly sent by a sports agent. In suspending Edwards for one game, the NCAA stipulated that restitution be made before he played again.

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