Maybe They Should Call It the Hypeman Trophy

Thank you, Allan Malamud [Dec. 5], for reconfirming my belief that the Heisman Trophy is the worst award in all of sports. My reasons:

1. If your colleagues vote as you have, Troy Davis will be the first 2,000-yard rusher in college football history not to receive the trophy, even though he ran behind, in your words, “a less-than-stellar line.”

2. I must disagree that a lot of other quarterbacks would have Danny Wuerffel’s statistics. Steve Spurrier does have a pass-happy system, but, come on, somebody has to throw the ball and no one has done it better than Wuerffel.

3. Everything you wrote concerning Eddie George is true, and he is deserving of Heisman status, but both Davis and Wuerffel have better stats.


4. It is still 1995 and already you are picking front-runners for ’96. Here’s an idea. No campaigns and no preseason favorites. Let the players play, and tally it up at the end of the year.


Marina del Rey



Quite the contrasting stories in Wednesday’s sports pages. Notre Dame’s leading rusher, Randy Kinder, will not play in the Orange Bowl because of university-related disciplinary reasons. Nebraska’s star running back, Lawrence Phillips, was sentenced to one-year probation for beating up a former girlfriend (presumably non-university related), but will play in the Fiesta Bowl.

You tell me which individuals, and teams, are being better prepared for life.