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* Daily, 7 p.m. to 5 a.m.: Insomniacs Asylum is a new late-night "show" with chat rooms, soap operas and offbeat news stories. America Online. Keyword: Insomniacs

* Thursday, 6 p.m.: Track star Butch Reynolds discusses his upcoming race live from the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. CompuServe.Go Conference


* Pay homage to the World Wide Web with a visit to its birthplace-- CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics ( Read about the history of the Internet and the Web, and find out what kind of physics research is going on at the lab, which is near Geneva.

* For technical questions about the World Wide Web, visit Designed for heavy-duty Web developers and casual Netsurfers alike, this site has answers on cyberspace laws, network standards, the latest programming languages, glossaries and more. You can also find the latest Web-related news here.

* Major League Soccer is on the Web at Find information about each of the league's 10 teams, including team e-mail addresses and game schedules. Watch a QuickTime movie of this month's featured player, Eduardo "El Tanque" Hurtado of the Los Angeles Galaxy.

* See if you can save money with more energy-efficient appliances by using the Edison Home Link Energy Cost calculator. Grab a copy of your latest electric bill and point your browser to eccin.htm

* The Bank rate Monitor Infobank ( gives rates from around the country on mortgages, savings accounts, home equity, consumer loans and credit cards. You can also find personal finance tips on ATM fees, money market accounts and more.

* Since The Spot debuted as the Web's first soap opera, the number of serial sites has ballooned. If you don't have time to check them all head to to find out which are the most addictive. Then make a direct link to any of the dozens of soaps, mysteries and fantasy stories you want to visit. Ratings are given by Web magazine Europe Online.

* More than 1,700 baby names can be found at

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