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A Little History

The creation of the Pacific Coast League in 1986 provided a competitive home for some of the county’s smaller schools. The league also been a jumping-off point for several new programs; the county’s three newest public schools have all gotten their start in the PCL.

Trabuco Hills got its start in the Pacific Coast League, winning or sharing five league titles and three section championships before moving up to the South Coast League.

But while Trabuco Hills succeeded behind the passing of Tim Manning, David Lowery and Pat Barnes, the running game has dominated recent Pacific Coast League play. Costa Mesa’s Charles Chatman and Binh Tran and Laguna Hills’ David Webber, Brendan McGraw and Michael Jones all topped the 2,000-yard mark in the ‘90s.


League champions

1986 Orange

1987 Laguna Beach

1988 Trabuco Hills and Woodbridge

1989 Trabuco Hills

1990 Trabuco Hills

1991 Laguna Hills and Trabuco Hills

1992 Century and Trabuco Hills

1993 Costa Mesa

1994 Laguna Hills

1995 Laguna Hills

Southern Section champions

1987 Woodbridge (Desert-Mountain Conference)

1988 Trabuco Hills (Division VIII)

1989 Trabuco Hills (Division VIII)

1991 Laguna Hills (Division VII)

1993 Trabuco Hills (Division VIII)