Dumping the DumpRep. Buck McKeon of Santa...

Dumping the Dump

Rep. Buck McKeon of Santa Clarita is known for often voting with his fellow Republicans, but he and President Clinton see eye to eye on a bill favored by many McKeon constituents. . . . The bill, aimed at blocking the proposed Elsmere Canyon landfill just outside Santa Clarita, prevents swapping federal land for the purpose of building landfills. Clinton is scheduled to sign the measure, which is included in a federal parks bill, Tuesday.

Nuclear Watchdogs

Are they merely concerned citizens trying to prevent a tragedy? Or are they shrill extremists impossible to please? Those two viewpoints seem to swirl around the Rocketdyne Cleanup Coalition. . . . The group monitors efforts to clean up the legacy of decades of nuclear and chemical research a Rocketdyne laboratory west of Canoga Park (B1).

Motorcycle Madness

If you don't like heavy traffic, avoid the Golden State Freeway from 10 a.m. to noon today. Bikers in the world's largest motorcycle fund-raising event--the Love Ride--will make their annual trek up the Golden State from Glendale to Castaic. . . Up to 25,000 motorcyclists are expected to participate. The grand marshal will be Jay Leno.

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