Williams Apparently Looking Elsewhere

Brian Williams’ new agent, Dwight Manley, said Monday they are sorting through their options amid indications the Clippers are his client’s last choice.

Manley met with Dallas Maverick co-owner Frank Zacannelli and personnel director Mark Aguirre over the weekend. The Mavericks and Clippers are reportedly discussing a trade. Having dealt Jason Kidd, the Mavericks are now shopping Jim Jackson, Eric Montross and Jamal Mashburn.

“We’re just exploring all options,” Manley said. “The Clippers have been really cool. They’ve been very accommodating.

“At this time, Brian is open to anything.”


Williams, a free agent, recently fired his agent, Fred Slaughter, replacing him with Manley. Slaughter had been asking the Clippers for a $7 million-a-year deal; Manley has reportedly boosted the asking price from there.

The Clippers stopped bidding at $4.2 million. At present, they seem intent on getting what they can for Williams in a trade.