At its best, L.A.’s brand of rock...


At its best, L.A.’s brand of rock en espan~ol is the distinctive rebel yell of young Mexican American musicians, who document the immigrant experience through songs fused with their cultural tradition as well as American pop. The music really rocks, so if you’re looking for the next Gerardo or Menudo, don’t go here:

El Palomazo at Vertigos on Tuesdays, 801 W. Temple St., downtown, (213) 977-0888. The name of this club translates to “the jam session,” and the comfortable night spot offers a loose night of deejays and live music. 18 & over, $5 cover.

Enigmatus presents a Latin hard-core, punk, ska festival at El Palacio, April 11, 7023 Pacific Blvd., Huntington Park, (714) 680-0804. This concert offers a quick study in the genre and features performances by L.A.’s Los Olvidados, Calavera and Blues Experiment, Orange County’s La Mortal, Tijuana’s B.A.F. and Hashish. 18 & over, $12 cover.


King Chango and Pastilla at Billboard Live on Saturday, 9039 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, (310) 274-5800. New York’s King Chango weighs in with hometown faves Pastilla for rock en espan~ol, Strip style. 18 & over, $10 cover.

Renacimiento at Las Pampas on Fridays, 4680 Firestone Blvd., South Gate, (213) 567-1344. Rock en espan~ol promoters transform this low-key Mexican restaurant into a musical enchilada each week. 18 & over, $5 cover.

Las Noches del Dragon at Dragonfly on Sundays, 6510 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, (213) 466-6111. The most pivotal club on the current scene. 21 & over, $7 cover.

Club Tabu at Grand Avenue on Thursdays, 1024 S. Grand Ave., downtown L.A., (213) 747-0999. This venue offers an old-school backdrop for this mostly deejay-driven club, which offers the occasional live band. Upscale dress code, 21 & over, $10 cover (free before 10 p.m.).

Ozomatli at the Opium Den on Thursdays, 1605 N. Ivar Ave., Hollywood, (213) 466-7800. Putting the flavor in your ear, the band Ozomatli winds its way through the crowd before working its way onto the stage each week, and it’s always a party. Featuring a hip-hop vibe, Latin jazz horn section and crazy ska rhythms, this multiethnic band is one of the hottest club acts in L.A. Not to be missed. 21 & over, $5 cover.

Rock Attack at El Toro Bravo on Fridays, 975 W. Foothill Blvd., Azusa, (818) 334-0044. The San Gabriel Valley gets into the mix with its own new rock( en espan~ol club, featuring local acts, both tried-and-true and up-and-coming. Call for cover and age limit.


Atomica at Virgilio on Saturdays, 2611 S. La Cienega Blvd., L.A., (310) 858-7556. The promoters behind South Gate’s Renacimiento club on Fridays shake their rockero groove thang here each week. 21 & over, cover varies.