Critic’s Picks : Pop Music

So many members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are due in the Southland this fall that it’s fair to think of it as a Hall of Fame concert series.

The list is topped by the Rolling Stones (Nov. 9, Dodger Stadium), who will be dependable on stage as long as the band has that great backlog of songs and Keith Richards can hold his guitar. And there’ll be history on stage with these other Hall of Famers: the Allman Brothers (Sept. 27, Universal Amphitheatre), the Beach Boys (Oct. 12, Thousand Arts Civic Arts Plaza), David Bowie (Sept. 13, Universal Amphitheatre), Johnny Cash (Oct. 3-4, House of Blues), Ray Charles (Oct. 5, Greek Theatre) and Crosby, Stills & Nash (Sept. 28, Universal Amphitheatre). . . .

On the contemporary front, the top choices are Ani DiFranco (Nov. 5-6, Mayan Theatre), the singer-songwriter whose style mixes everything from folk to punk in ways that never sound trendy or forced, and Rage Against the Machine and the Wu-Tang Clan (Sept. 18, Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre), a classic rock ‘n’ hip-hop matchup.