Pathetic Doesn’t Cover This One, T.J.

This is the pathetic, pitiful little girl of T.J. Simers’ Jan. 25 column. I have been vindicated by my first sports idol, John Elway. He has restored faith in all my sports idols, past and present. I now believe that Billy Joe Tolliver really could hit the Pacific Ocean if standing at the end of Crystal Pier. I now believe that Bill Hanzlik could coach the Denver Nuggets to a winning season. I now believe that Ron Powlus just might be the No. 1 draft pick this year.

John Elway has restored my faith, but I will forever owe my father for exposing me to my idols. He proudly gifted me with John Elway’s signature in a Snoopy autograph book one Christmas. He brought me to Billy Joe Tolliver’s first interview as a San Diego Charger. He introduced me to family friend Bill Hanzlik. And he was the one who encouraged me to attend Notre Dame, all the while telling me that he would not be opposed to being Ron Powlus’ father-in-law.

And I would just like to remind Mr. Simers that if I do marry a Cheesehead, he only has himself to blame. Who else would marry the pathetic, pitiful little girl he described?



South Bend, Ind.


Congratulations to T.J. Simers for getting it right. Not because he picked Denver to win the Super Bowl, but because he sent his daughter to Notre Dame.


San Marino