College Basketball at a Glance / Around the Nation : ACC Is Asked to Investigate Foul Play

Associated Press

Clemson Coach Rick Barnes wants the Atlantic Coast Conference to look into a league-record 41 fouls called against his team in a loss to No. 2 North Carolina that left the Tigers with only four players at the end.

Barnes also said he apologized Thursday night to Tar Heel forward Ademola Okulaja for a heated exchange during the game.

Six Clemson players fouled out in Wednesday night’s 88-79 decision. North Carolina was called for a total of 19 fouls.

“I obviously had some concerns and I called the conference office,” Barnes said. “They said they would look at [the game film], and that’s where it is.”


Referee Rick Hartzell said that considering the intensity of recent Clemson-North Carolina games, his crew had no choice but to call the game closely.

“If you don’t blow the whistle, you’ve got the ugliest situation imaginable,” Hartzell told The (Raleigh, N.C.) News & Observer. “I’d rather set a record for fouls being called than let it get out of hand.”


Hawaii Coach Riley Wallace was released from hospital in Honolulu, nearly 24 hours after undergoing an angioplasty. Doctors gave him permission to be on the bench for tonight’s game against San Jose State.


Referee Steve Wilson was in good condition after being hospitalized because of chest pains during the first half of Thursday night’s Arizona-Stanford game.

“His vital signs are stable. Indicators are excellent,” Stanford Medical Center spokesman Kent Stafford said.