Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* Why did the turkey cross in the middle of the road? Thanksgiving was right around the corner! (Matthew Bartlett, 6, North Hollywood, Erwin Street School)

* What did the hen grow in her garden? Chickpeas. (Iman Khan, 7, Pasadena, New Horizon School)

* What would you do to stop an elephant from charging you? Tell him you only take cash. (Trevor Bartlett, 8, North Hollywood, Colfax Avenue School)

* What do scientists call the device that allows them to look through walls? A window. (Travis Westmore, 9, North Hollywood, Colfax Avenue School)

* How did the girl feel after she swallowed the jokes? She felt fine, but was a little "joked up." (Mallory Martinez, 5, Carlsbad, Aviara Oaks Elementary)


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