Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* What book do ghosts read when they are in the hospital? All about boo-boos. (Wei Wong, 10, Los Angeles, Roscomare Road School)

* Why did the woman stand next to the bank vault? She wanted to be on the safe side! (Chaz Miller, 8, Fontana, San Bernardino Elementary)

* What is a pirate's favorite letter? R. (Jake Weingarten, 10, Sherman Oaks, Roscomare Road School)

* What fruit do your parents give you at your engagement party? Cantaloupe. (Hannah DeRemer, 10, Tarzana, Roscomare Road School)

* What's big and wet and loves honey? Winnie the Pool. (Shea Gaier, 4, Studio City, Studio City Preschool)

* Why did the girl swallow her money? It was her lunch money. (Lindsay Flacks, 11, Encino, Harvard Westlake)

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