How thorough are high school physicals and what can be done to make them better?


Santa Ana Valley, Track & Field

I think that going to your own physician is better, they check everything. The school doctors don’t really care; they get you in and they get you out. And sometimes the kids lie and say they feel fine when they don’t. If you go to the school doctors, they should check you more thoroughly.



Troy, Softball

In the physicals I’ve taken, they make sure you’re breathing and walking, that’s all. Maybe they should check for internal sickness or injuries. We have an option to go to the school physician for $15 or go to our own. They don’t ask you questions about past injuries or anything like that.



Estancia, Basketball

Most of the athletes sign [the physical form] ourselves. We put in a bogus phone number and name. The coach, or whoever is supposed to check it, doesn’t. I know a lot of players who haven’t had a physical in years. Some kids will lie to the physicians, their parents, coaches just to play.


Laguna Hills, Softball

I guess the physical in my high school lasts five minutes. But they don’t ask questions. I go to my own doctor, and there they will take a blood sample, check vaccinations, eyesight along with the other stuff. My doctor will ask if I’m having any problems. I wouldn’t lie to my doctor because if you have an injury it might get worse. Maybe going to your own doctor would be better.


Mater Dei, Golf

High school physicals at my school are somewhat of a joke. Most of the questions (weight, height, etc.) are filled out by students who volunteered to help. And after those are filled out you stand in line for over an hour. And then you finally see some volunteer nurse or doctor who checks to see if you have a pulse and if you do they know you’re alive and let you go. They could be better if it was required to go and see a real doctor, not pay 10 dollars to have yourself weighed by a student. When in fact I could weigh myself at home and save the money.



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