Roger Clinton's Lawyer Seeks Police Records

From Times Staff Reports

A lawyer defending Roger Clinton against charges of drunk driving and disturbing the peace asked a Torrance Superior Court judge Monday to order police to submit their personal cell phone records.

Attorney Mark Geragos said those records, along with transcripts of police radio communication, will show that police conducted a politically motivated stakeout against the half brother of former President Bill Clinton.

Judge Jesse Rodriguez instructed prosecutors to obtain those records.

Roger Clinton, 44, of Torrance has entered a not guilty plea. His trial was set for Aug. 7, with another pretrial hearing scheduled for July 23. On Feb. 17, Clinton was turned away from a Hermosa Beach nightclub by police after trying to start a fight with a bouncer, Hermosa Beach police said.

About an hour later, his Ford Expedition was stopped for careening erratically down a city street, according to police, and Clinton later failed a Breathalyzer test.

Geragos said Monday that he had received a tip about phone and radio records from an anonymous letter with a return address from the Hermosa Beach Police Department.

The department is conducting an internal investigation regarding the alleged leak, Geragos said. A police spokesman declined to comment on the matter.

Police have maintained that radio conversations regarding Clinton were a result of his earlier confrontation at the nightclub. They said that officers were too busy that night to stake out Clinton.

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