Pipe Maintenance May Produce Rusty Water

From Times Staff Reports

Camarillo residents may notice their household water is a little rusty as the city begins to flush out its water mains over the weekend.

Beginning Sunday evening, city workers will begin releasing water from fire hydrants to remove rust and other sediments from pipes. The annual preventive maintenance program will continue each weekday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. through June 15.

Water will be released in 10 zones across the city. Water pressure may be reduced slightly during the flushing.

The program will not affect residents served by the Camrosa, Pleasant Valley Mutual, Cresteview or Cal-American water districts.

City water officials say any discoloration or sediment found in the water only affects its aesthetic quality and does not pose a health risk.

However, residents are advised to make sure the water is clear before doing laundry to avoid staining clothes. The city's Water Division is providing free rust remover to any resident affected by staining.

For flushing schedule information or to request rust remover, call 388-5373.

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