Nothing But the Net for Hoops Fans

You may never configure your cell phone to ring like the theme of Fox Sports--available at the Web is teeming with so much hoops information, you need a scorecard to tell the best from the rest as the NBA Finals heat up.

The first step onto the Net is, at, which delivers standings, stats and news. It's also the gateway to official home pages for the Lakers, at, and the 76ers, at It also lists every NBA TV show, from the chiffon "Inside Stuff" to the edgy "NBA 2 Night."

For major media players, visit ESPN at and Fox Sports at If it seems like some of the big sites' stories are exactly the same, it's not you. You'll find some unlikely team-ups to save money and resources. CNN and Sports Illustrated, for example, share NBA Finals coverage at, as does MSNBC and the Sporting News, at

Nobody beats a local newspaper's beat reporter for in-depth coverage. For the Lakers, check out or even for expanded coverage, photos and message boards. For a completely different take, there's the Philadelphia Daily News, at, and the Philadelphia Inquirer, at

To get beyond the flattering official sites set up by some of the top players, do a Google search at on your favorite player for fan sites full of interesting tidbits. For instance, there's a terrific Allen Iverson site at that delivers eye-popping photos, movies, wallpaper and songs plus a wonderful "tat stat" that breaks down the significance of every tattoo adorning the league's MVP.

Can't watch the game live? If you own a personal digital assistant equipped with a wireless modem, you can download Palm Web clipping applications for Yahoo and ESPN at that can be configured to retrieve live sports scores. AvantGo, another free service, at, delivers Lakers Mobile--a round-up of news, history, even a food and beverage guide for Staples Center.


Michael Cahlin is a freelance writer.

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