First Quarter

Lakers: 24

Philadelphia: 27

Highlight reel: Pick any Allen Iverson shot. He was his usual scrappy self, but his best shot may have come after a Laker turnover just over three minutes into the game. Iverson made a driving layup on an assist from Eric Snow and promptly fell hard to the floor, but he gave the 76ers a 10-3 lead, their biggest of the quarter.


It’s Not in the Box Score: With 7:15 left in the quarter, the 76ers had 14 points, matching their first-quarter total in Game 4.

Winning Numbers: Eight--the number of assists credited to the 76ers. Four for five--the Lakers’ shooting from three-point range.

Wrong Numbers: Three--the number of fouls on Iverson, two in the first 30 seconds.

Leading Scorers: Lakers, Rick Fox and Derek Fisher, six each; 76ers, Iverson, 11, Tyrone Hill and Dikembe Mutombo four each.


Leading Rebounders: Lakers, Kobe Bryant four, Shaquille O’Neal, Fox, and Horace Grant two each. 76ers, Hill six, Mutombo four.

Second Quarter

Lakers: 52

Philadelphia: 48

Highlight reel: O’Neal, finding a comfortable rhythm after a (relatively) quiet start, takes a pass from Fox and jams it home to finish off an alley-oop play and put the Lakers ahead, 46-38.

It’s Not in the Box Score: Iverson was listing to one side and grimacing as he walked off the court, clearly in pain from a rib-cage or muscle injury on his right side. Adding to Philadelphia’s injury woes, George Lynch has to leave for X-rays after spraining the small toe on his left foot.

Winning Numbers: Seven--The number of consecutive three-point shots made in the Finals by Robert Horry, the last tying the game at 29-29.

Wrong Numbers: 0 for five--Bryant’s field-goal performance until he made a wide-open, three-point shot with 3:43 left in the quarter. Seven for 20--the 76ers’ shooting from the floor (35%).


Leading Scorers: Lakers, O’Neal 11, Bryant seven; 76ers, Iverson eight, Hill five.

Leading Rebounders: Lakers, O’Neal six, Horry five; 76ers, Hill and Mutombo four each.

Third Quarter

Lakers: 83

Philadelphia: 68

Highlight reel: Bryant misses two shots in the paint but battles fiercely for the rebound and succeeds on his third try, giving the Lakers a 57-49 lead and ending a personal 0-for-3 shooting lull early in the quarter.

It’s Not in the Box Score: O’Neal shows admirable restraint when he walks away from Matt Geiger, who jaws at him after O’Neal drives to the hoop and Geiger fouls him. Each is assessed a technical foul. The 76ers would gladly have taken the trade-off if both had been ejected.

Winning Numbers: Two for two--Fisher’s three-point shooting.


Wrong Numbers: Three--the number of fouls the 76ers commit late in the quarter, after they had managed to stay within seven points.

Leading Scorers: Lakers, O’Neal nine, Bryant eight; 76ers, Iverson nine, Snow six.

Leading Rebounders: Lakers, Grant four, O’Neal three ; 76ers, McKie three, Mutombo, Buford and Snow two each.

Fourth Quarter

Philadelphia: 108

Lakers: 96

Highlight reel: Fox is trying to run out the clock at the end of the game and heaves a shot from nearly midcourt--and it goes in. That typifies the Lakers’ luck--as well as their superb outside shooting in the game and in the Finals.

It’s Not in the Box Score: The never-say-die 76ers make a last stand, pulling within seven points (100-93) on the strength of a 25-13 surge. But Fisher stabs them in their vaunted hearts with an open three-pointer with 51.4 seconds to play, which restores the Lakers’ 10-point lead.

Winning Numbers: 18--Points Fisher scored on three-point field goals and in the game.

Wrong Numbers: Six--Number of fouls committed by Mutombo and Geiger.

Leading Scorers: Lakers, Bryant seven, Fisher six; 76ers, Hill and Iverson nine each.

Leading Rebounders: Lakers, Bryant four, Fox and O’Neal two each; 76ers, Hill and Snow three each.