Jordan Breaks Two Ribs

Michael Jordan's possible return to the NBA suffered a setback when he broke two ribs Wednesday in a pickup game against NBA players at a Chicago gym.

Jordan confirmed that he is expected to be sidelined from physical activity for six to eight weeks.

"It's been common knowledge that I have been working out for the past few months as I contemplate the possibility of a return to the NBA," Jordan said in a statement. "Since I won't be able to continue my workouts for the next month or two, I will have to postpone any decisions concerning my return."

The 38-year-old Jordan was injured while trying to post up a defender and when he tried to make a quick turn, the defender grabbed him, causing the ribs to crack.

Washington Wizard Coach Doug Collins said Jordan suffered no significant cartilage damage, which could have prolonged the prognosis and made the injury more painful.

According to Collins' projections, the earliest Jordan would be able to begin working out would be at the beginning of August, giving him 2 1/2 months to get in shape.

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